Visit to the Whitworth Art Gallery

I recently had a day to spend in Manchester with my children, so took them to Whitworth Art Gallery. Lauren and I had gone and taken Story once before, while Atticus was in nursery, and she’d been much more interested than I had expected, so I thought we’d go again.

Atticus was looking out of a window when Story called over to him, “Look at this!” – and showed him this:

Dove II, 1997, by Gary Hume

Atticus liked this.

They then saw “Genesis”, by Jacob Epstein, and both talked about “the lady has a baby in her tummy”:

There was an exhibition of work by Cornelia Parker. Atticus like two pieces which were made from Flattened instruments and flattened metal tableware suspended from the ceiling. The children showed no interest in in it, but I enjoyed a piece that was a cast of cracks in a pavement in Jerusalem.

Cornelia Parker’s most famous piece, Cold Dark Matter: An Exploded View (1991) was on display in its own room. On our previous visit, Story found it scary, and wanted to leave the room straight away. On this visit, Story still said it was “scary”, but was more willing to stop and look. Atticus was fascinated by it, and spent a long time looking at what he could see, and talking to the gallery staff in the room.

“Decoy” (a glass drum) caught Story’s attention last time, and Atticus was interested in it too.

We spent a while looking at watercolours, and Atticus seemed to like any with a river, and one of Lichfield Cathedral.

Atticus also liked Beast XXI, by Lynne Chadwick:

By this point, they were both starting to lose interest.

Mary Kelly, Multi-Story house (2007). I liked this, but didn’t get a good look because the children were getting restless. It has short pieces of writing about feminism on the panels to read and consider.

From here we went outside, where there was an activity for children to make their own pieces of art:

Story hard at work.

Atticus showing off some of his art.

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