Yes, I know this is a bit late.

I don’t like Valentine’s day. I don’t like the commercialisation, the cultural expectation of pairing off and the implication that there’s something wrong with being single.

My wife really wishes I would do something for Valentine’s day.

I refuse to buy Valentine’s day products, so what can do? I made something. Not a card, though, because that’s just a bit too obvious.

Months ago, while browsing in a stationery shop, Lauren had seen some mini luggage tags, and commented on how much she liked them. So, a few days before Valentine’s day, I bought a pack:
packet of red tie-on tags
I wrote on them:
Red tie-on tags with writing on
Single red tie-on tag with 'I love you' written on
and hid them around the house.

One was attached to a DVD I also bought, of a film I knew Lauren liked, with a suggestion we watch it on our next “date night”. Some were praise, encouragement or general “I love you” messages, others were bad puns, like “You’re hot” on the thermostat, “no-one can hold a candle to you” in a candle holder.

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