The strange sights of Americaland

    Strange things I’ve encountered on visits to americaland:
  • “Cheese in a can”, which says on the can “Made with real cheese”, which presumably means “made in the same building as real cheese”. It comes in “Cheddar”, “American”, and “Cheddar and bacon” flavours.
  • Soup served in a bread roll
  • Drive through ATMs
  • A drive through liquor store
  • Rubber ducks with kippahs on
  • A Christmas parade, where the entry requirement seemed to be that you have “Happy Christmas” written on the side of your car and/or you promise to throw candy from it. Highlights included a 1940s hearse and a pick-up truck from the local ambulance service
  • Dollywood
  • A car called a “Montego” that appears to be entirely unrelated to the Austin Montego

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