Poor Pavement Planning Prevents Pedestrians

small side-street with about 12 houses. Each has a driveway, but there is no footway.

This is one of the things wrong with modern house building developments. The photo is half a mile, or 10 mins walk from the city centre. These twelve houses are being built on a new build road. Each house had a (small) driveway, but the entire short street had no pavement at all.

Moving cars off the road is a good thing. Streets should be for moving, not storage, and off-street parking makes the transition to electric cars easier, because of the need for charging points. Electric cars won’t solve everything – we need fewer cars. Electric cars can help, though, and building without provision for parking will not stop people buying cars, so will just create parking problems.

This must not be at the expense of walking, though. There’s no excuse for this layout which actively discourages walking and makes it more dangerous.

This expands on a tweet I wrote a few days ago:

The tweet was inspired by what I saw in the attached photo but later the same day I saw this on the same subject, which at least gives me hope that I’m not the only one annoyed by this: